Kendal War Memorial

I taught history in Kendal for 13 years. During that time, I, my colleagues and my pupils carried out several interesting projects relating to the Great War. In about 2005, I challenged my year 9 pupils to research the lives of the soldiers recorded on the town’s war memorial. Two young men embraced the challenge with gusto and wrote notes about every local soldier who is buried in Parkside Cemetery. One of them told me that he had never learned so much history before, which is exactly what I wanted to hear.

Parkside Cemetery March 2014

Kendal Parkside Cemetery March 2014

Later, in time for the centenary of the war’s declaration in August 2014, with the help and finance of Kendal Town Council, we carried out further research into Kendal during the Great War and produced a series of information panels which went on display in the town hall. The school also put on a stage production, based on the original research, during the November of 2014.

Centenary Exhibition in Kendal Town Hall 27th July 2014

Part of the Centenary Exhibition in Kendal Town Hall, 27th July 2014

Many interesting stories and provocations for further research were discovered. It is hoped that they will be published on this site in due course. Naturally, Kendal War Memorial is the focal point for explorations of local experiences of the Great War. Below is a list of all 313 names inscribed upon it. If a soldier’s name is highlighted, we have published his biography as a page on this site. Click on the name and you will be taken to the biography.

Kendal War Memorial

E.L. Abbatt
John Ainsworth
W.H. Airey
G.B. Airey
G.B. Alexander
M.E. Allen
Tom Anderson
J.W. Armer
M.B. Armer
T.H. Armstrong
F.W. Armstrong
S. Armstrong
Thomas Atkinson
Fred Baines
S. Baines
T.W. Bailey
G.E. Banks
C.W. Bateman
Joseph Bateman
J.R. Bates
Harold Beard
George Beattie
William Beckett
James Bell
R.R. Bell
S.J. Bell
Joseph Benson
R.G. Birkett
J.W. Birkett
C.H. Bishop
Charles Blackshaw
Percy Bland
F.R. Blenkharn
Thomas Blenkharn
James Blezard
John Blezard
Herbert Bolton
L.M. Boreham
Henry Borwick
J.H. Bowness
Adam Britton
J.E. Brown
Edwin Brumwell
H. Brunskill
George Burns
F.W. Burrow
Samuel Burrows
Charles Burton
A.B. Campbell
J.C. Cannan
F.W. Cannan
R.A. Carradice
John Carradus
Herbert Carradus
J.W. Carradus
G.M. Cartmel
R.D. Casson
Walter Chambers
H.H.F. Clarke
Richard Clarkson
Thomas Cleasby
F.C. Clegg
Thomas Clement
S.A. Colburn
Samuel Compston
Joseph Connerton
J. Cook
W.A. Coulton
R. Cozens-Hardy
J.H. Crone
T.F. Cross
F.J. Crossley
Walter Dalzell
Edward Danson
Alfred Denninson
E. Dennison
G.H. Dent
Fred De Rome
George Dirkin
Ernest Dixon
Walter Dixon
Walter Dixon
R.D. Dixon
Joseph Dixon
O.S. Dixon
Ernest Dobson
Joshua Dobson
Thomas Doherty
R.H. Douthwaite
Charles Ducksbury
J.W. Ducksbury
James Edyvean
Arthur Elson
Thomas Elson
Walter Elson
Thomas Elleray
J.T. Ellwood
J.W. Fawcett
Fred Ferguson
William Ferguson
F.W. Frearson
J.W. Freeston
J.H. Friend
S.T. Gardiner
J.A. Garnett
Edward German
Henry German
Thomas German
Joseph Gibson
Thomas Gibson
Joseph Gill
J.O. Gilpin
Robert Gilpin
George Gorman
F.J. Gould
Alfred Graham
M.P. Graham
O? C. Grant
T.B. Grant
J.R. Green
W.H. Green
J.B. Greenwood
J.W. Gregg
R.H. Groves
Walter Handley
W.W. Hatcher
R.R. Heap
E. Heatherington
C. Henderson
E.W. Henderson
Henry Hewetson
Thomas Hillbeck
Alfred Hillbeck
Joseph Hillbeck
Albert Hind
Richard Hindle
Edward Hine
T.G. Hine
William Hine
G.T. Hogg
John Hoggarth
Tom Holme
T.H. Holme
Walter Holme
William Holme
H.L. Holme
J.C. Hooton
R.B. Horne
S.C. Huddlestone
G.A. Hully
William Hunter
John Hutton
John Hutton
R.C. Hutton
James Hutton
E.B.S. Ion
W.B. Jack
Herbert Jackson
H.H. Jackson
Reginald Jackson
H.W. Jefford
O.E. Jenkinson
J.C. Jennings
H.A. Jennings
Ellis Jones
Ernest Jones
S.G. Jopson
T.H. Keates
John Kitching
James Knight
Henry Knowles
E.C. Lamoney
E. Langhorn
William Leather
Harold Leck
Walter Leck
G.F. Lee
T.H. Levens
T.E. Lewthwaite
J.H. Lickbarrow
George Lishman
J.S. Locke
E.I. Lowes
John Mackereth
John Mark
William Marshall
William Martindale
Stanley Matthews
William Mawson
James McMorraine
James McNamara
F.V. Merritt
T.S. Middleton
George Millward
Alfred Mitchell
A.E. Moore
E.V. Moore
J.W. Moore
R.W. Morris
W.M. Musgrove
G. Musson
A.G. Nelson
H.W. Nelson
R.O. Nelson
G.W. Nelson
S. Nettleton
Richard Nicholson
William Nicholson
T.H. Noble
William Overton
F.A. Park
Hugh Park
Stephen Park
James Parkin
Robert Parsons
J.J. Parsons
Thomas Pearce
Alfred Pearson
J.W. Peet
E. Phillipson
Henry Pickles
J.H. Pickthall
Henry Postlethwaite
Robert Preston
J.E. Proctor
Gilbert Reed
J.K. Rhodes
R.A. Rhodes
T.H. Richmond
Harold Ridley
John Robinson
G.H. Robson
W.H. Rylands
Edward Sarginson
H. Sarginson
R.W. Saul
R.W. Savage
James Scott
Richard Shepherd
Richard Shorrock
Robert Shorrock
F.S. Silver
E.H. Simpson
W.J. Simpson
Henry Small
F.W. Snaith
Henry Snaith
H.S. Snaith
J.M. Snaith
E.W. Snowden
Charles Soulby
James Sowerby
George Stainton
James Stainton
Francis Stamper
Fawcett Storey
W.T. Stott
J.L. Swainson
John Taylor
T.H.C. Teasdale
Walter Tedcastle
L.E. Tedcastle
Jack Thexton
C.W. Thompson
Miles Thompson
S. Thompson
C.E. Travis
N.H. Treleaven
George Troughton
Henry Troughton
Miles Troughton
S.W. Turner
D.S. Tweddle
Joseph Tweddle
W.W. Tweedy
J.V. Vaulkhard
F.G. Walker
Richard Wallace
W.H. Ward
Edward Wardley
Henry Webster
J.W. Wells
William Wells
G.C. White
Walter Whitehead
J.W. Whiteman
George Whitwell
W.S. Whitwell
J.H. Wilde
W.M. Wilde
C. Wilkinson
Jack Wilkinson
G.W. Williams
Robert Williams
Robert Willock
Herbert Wills
A.E. Wilson
A. Edward Wilson
C.W. Wilson
G.E. Wilson
James H. Wilson
J.H. Wilson
John Wilson
T.F. Wilson
Alan Winder
Daniel Woodburn
James Woodburn
P.W. Woof
C.M. Woolley
T.P. Yeadon
Arthur Young
Isaac Young


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