Carnforth Sailly Sur La Lys Research Project

Carnforth is twinned with Sailly Sur La Lys in Northern France, a town which was occupied by both German and Allied forces during the Great War. During 1918, it featured in the Battle of the Lys, in which the 55th West Lancashire Division, containing units from the Lancaster area, fought. It has been decided by members of both twinning associations that we should work together to research the histories of our respective towns during the Great War and to compare our discoveries, stories and themes. We aim to publish the results bilingually in the form of information panels, maps, guides and possibly a book. In addition, we hope to arrange appropriate commemorations, in both France and England, of the Battle of the Lys, during its centenary in 2018. Continue reading


The Quick and the Dead – People from Carnforth 1914 -1924

This post looks at the list of people from the Carnforth area who served and who became casualties during and immediately after the Great War. There are two sources for the names – the War Memorial, which distinguishes between people who died during and after the Great War and the ‘Carnforth Patriots’ document. Images and transcriptions can be seen here.

There are not many towns which have extant lists of everybody who served as well as of those who died. In this sense, Carnforth is fortunate. In addition, there are no discrepancies between the Patriots list and the War Memorial, so it is probable that the lists are accurate and comprehensive. They help us to learn about the numbers of people who served, who became casualties and who survived. Continue reading