Carnforth Names

Carnforth is fortunate because, in addition to the names of the dead on its war memorial, it also possesses a document entitled Carnforth Patriots, which lists all the people from the area who served in the Great War, noting whether each person was either killed, wounded, gassed, fell ill or became a prisoner of war. There are copies in the Parish Church, in the Council Offices and at the Station Museum. The document provides an excellent starting point for research into the impact of the Great War on the local population by enabling calculations of the proportion of people who served in the armed forces and the proportion of that group who became casualties. It also enables further research into families, occupations, the economy, recruitment and military experiences. For these reasons the list is published here.

Warton Crag 11.1.14 134

The List in the Station Museum

In the following transcription, those who received gallantry awards, were wounded, gassed, fell sick or became prisoners of war are highlighted in bold. In due course, biographies of individual people will be posted on this site and the relevant names on the list will be hyperlinked.

Carnforth WM Names

Dedication on the War Memorial to Those Who Died During the War


THOSE WHO DIED 1914-1918

Robert George Abbott
Albert Henry Armer
William Atkinson
John Baines MM
Samuel Balderson
Thomas Balderson
Robert Barton
Herbert Beattie
Ernest Michael Beck
James Beckett
Thomas Bedford
Noel Bennett
Robert Edward Brockbank MM
Fred William Bullough
John Campbell
Thomas Edward Capstick
James Clark
David William Clark
James Disbury
John Edmondson
George Frederick Fleming
Henry Gardner
William Vernon Gilbert
William Alexander Glaister
Edgar Hall
John Hurst Harper
Harry Higginson
Morris King
James Sergeantson Kirkby
Richard Little
Percy Evelyn Macefield
Christopher Marshall
George Henry Morley
George Henry Nelson
Edwin Parkinson
William Pedder
Herbert Penrith
Edwin Penswick
Henry Ratcliffe
William Arthur Rigg
William Shaw
Robert Sidney Simpson
Richard Albert Smith
James Walkden
Edward Watson
John Cochrane Watson
George Collinson Watson
William Benjamin Whiteside

Carnforth WM Names 2
Carnforth War Memorial: List of Those who Died After the War

THOSE WHO DIED 1918-1924

Bert Cambray
Thomas W Cornthwaite
John Nuttall Sick
John Thomas Hornby Parkinson
Victor Holiday Postlethwaite Wounded Thrice
Richard A. Smith
James Wood
Robert Baden Powell Whiteside
Joseph Wright


Carnforth Patriots List in the Porch of Christ Church


Frank Hodgson Askew
Joseph Park Askew
Thomas Askew
William Askew
Edward Askew
Victor Addison
George Allingham
Walter Archer Sick
William Edward Armer
William Ashton
Harry Ashworth
Edward Atkinson Wounded
Harry Atkinson Wounded
John James Atkinson
Harold Attenborough Wounded
William Badley Sick
Arthur Bagguley Wounded
John Wadeson Bainbridge
Edmund Bainbridge
James Balderson
Robert Balderson Wounded
Ambrose Bamber
Thomas Henry Barker
Fred Barnes
John Barnes
Kenyon Bateson
Robert George Barrow Wounded and Prisoner of War
William Armstrong Bates Wounded
James Beck
Thomas Beck
Frank Benson
Alexander Taylor Berry
Wilson Alan Berry Sick
Richard Birtle
William Alexander Bispham
Robert Wilson Boak
Ernest Boak
Victor Booth
George Bretherton
Reginald Frank Brookbank
James Brown
John Robert Brown
George Bunker
James Albert Butcher Sick
Edward Buttle Wounded Twice
Harold Byram Prisoner of War
Walter Cabell Sick
Thomas Caldwell Gassed and Wounded
Edward Ray Cambray Wounded
Edmund Frederick Cambray
James Cambray
Thomas Cambray
Harry Capstick
Frederick Capstick
Joseph Carter
George Carruthers
William Carruthers Sick
William Thomas Cherry
George Clark
Benjamin Clark MM
Robert Clark
William George Clark Wounded and Prisoner of War
Oliver Ross Clegg
Joseph Clegg
Walter Cornthwaite
Richard Cottam Wounded
Robert Coupe
William Coupland Sick
George Coward Prisoner of War
Harold Higson Cornthwaite
John Robert H Cowperthwaite Gassed
William Coxon
Leonard Crawley
Harry Crook
Edmund Cross
William Curwen
Charles Harold Danson MM
George Davies
Gaskarth Dawson Wounded
Joseph Dawson
James Edward Dean MM
Thomas Briggs Dean
James Dent
William Dent
William Denton
Robert William Dennison Prisoner of War
Fred Dixon
John Dixon Gassed
Charles William Dixon
Thomas Dixon
Thomas Dobson
William Henry Dockray
Lancelot Doggett
Edgar Douglas
Harold Dowthwaite
John Dowthwaite
James Duckett Wounded
Richard Dugdale Sick
William Dugdale Prisoner of War
Herbert Dumbleton
William Thomas Edgar
Albert Edmondson
John Edmondson
James Edmondson
Henry Edwards
Norman Emley
Samuel Evans
William Owen Edward Evans
David Farnworth
Walter Farnworth Sick
Arthur Farrer
Richard Farrer Sick
John Edward Fleming
William Howard Fleming Prisoner of War
Robert Henry Forrester Wounded
George Matthews Fowler
Thomas Foxcroft
Edward Foxcroft
Edward Gardner Wounded
Richard Gardner
Robert Gardner
Edward Garner
James Foden Garner
Samuel Garner
James Garnett Sick
Robert Briggs Garth
Alfred William Gibbins Prisoner of War
Arthur Gibson
Michael Victor Greaves
Herbert Maxfield Greenland Prisoner of War
Frederick Greenland Sick
William Guymer
Wilfred Hague
Herbert Arthur Hales
Albert Halton Wounded Sick VC
Herbert Halton DCM
Arthur Ernest Hammill
William Frederick Handslip Wounded Sick
George Hardacre
Harry Hardacre
Ernest Harrison
Herbert Harrison
Lionel Harrison
Richard Brown Harrison
Thomas Clarke Harrison
George Henry Hartley
William Hartley
William Henry Heapy
Lewis Crayston Helliwell
George Herd
James Samuel Higginson
George High
Victor High
William Thomas Hind Wounded
Thomas Hine
Herbert Hitchen
Anthony George Hobbs
William Hodgson
George Hodgson Wounded
John William Hoggarth
George Hornby
George Hunt
William Hunter
Arthur William Huthersall
Frank Iniff Wounded
Wilfred Iniff Sick
James Avery Ireland
Albert Edward Jackson Wounded and Sick
Edward Siddal Jackson Sick
John Jackson Wounded
Lancelot Jackson
Richard Jackson
Robert Ewan Jackson Wounded
William Salisbury Jackson
Thomas James
Gilbert Hitchin Johnson
Thomas Kelly Sick
Patrick Kelly Wounded
William Kelly
Robert Kew
Carl King
Harry King Sick
Oscar King MM Wounded
Walter King
Edgar Blackburn Kirkby
Richard Henry Kirkby MM

John William Kirkpatrick
John William Kitchen
George Knowles
Norman Knowles
James Lalley Prisoner of War

Benjamin Lancaster
Thomas Lancaster
William Lancaster
Albert Lindsay Wounded
Arthur Lindsay Sick
Edmund Fishwick Lindsay MM Sick
John Robert Lowther
Frank Loy
Joseph Lupton
Thomas Lupton Wounded and Sick

John Herbert MacDonald
Louis MacDonald
William Isaac MacDonald
Nicholas Manley
Thomas Manley
Richard Marsden
George Marshall
George Marshall
John Martin Sick

Robert Martin
William Martin Wounded

Alec Mashiter Sick
Myles Mason Wounded
Isaac Mawson
John Maynard Prisoner of War

John Christopher Metcalfe
Thomas William Metcalfe
Frederick Arthur Miller
George Miller
John William Mingins
Robert William Mitchell
Arthur Monks Wounded Twice

Douglas Moon
Alfred Morley
Joseph William Morley Wounded and Sick

William Morris
Gordon Murray
John Murray
Stephen Nelson
Joseph Noble
John Ormandy Wounded

William Ormandy
William Henry Owen Wounded
Herbert Henry Palmer Sick
Robert Palmer
Robert James Palmer
Thomas Harold Palmer
William Henry Park
Ernest Parker
Robert Parker
William Parker
Samuel Parkinson
Anthony Wilson Parrington Prisoner of War

Isaac Parrington
Harold Pedder
Alfred Penrith
Robert Pickthall
Norman Pinchen
Herbert Edwin Preston
George Price
Robert Radcliffe
Herbert Reay Prisoner of War

Edward Rees
Victor Rees
Harling  Richardson MC DCM
James Richardson
John Richardson
John Arnold Rigg MM Wounded

Tom Wilman Rigg
Harold Ripley Sick

James Ripley
Lancelot Ripley Wounded

John Robinson Prisoner of War

Hilton Rucastle
Reginald Llewellyn Ruddock Wounded

Isaac Sandford
Harold Sandham Wounded

Joseph Wright Savage
Ernest Scriven Wounded

William Scriven
Robert Searle
Daniel Sharp
Albert Thompson Shaw
Frederick Shaw
William Shaw
William James Shaw
George Shepherd
John Windle Shepherd
Thomas Edward Simister
Alfred Simpson
Mason Simpson Wounded
Walter Simpson
William Edward Simpson Gassed
Alfred Slinn
Norman Smith
Richard JamesSmith
Alfred Speed
Frank Speight
James Speight Wounded Thrice
James Spencer
Frank Stephen
Arthur Stephens
John Richard Stephenson Sick
Robert Clark Stirzaker
Harry Stock
Peter Stockton
William Stockton
William Storey
William Stott
James Wilson Strangeways
Frank Stretch
William Stretch MM Wounded

Joseph Stride
Cleasby Swindlehurst
Ronald Preston Swindlehurst
Arthur Swithenbank
Roland Talbot
George E.H. Taylor
Jacob Taylor
John Taylor
Richard Arthur Thexton
George Thompson Wounded Twice

John Thompson Prisoner of War
Joseph Thompson
William Thornton Wounded
Harvey Threlfall
William Henry Threlfall
Richard Ernest Timperley Prisoner of War
Albert Townson Wounded Twice

John Edward Townson Prisoner of War
Albert Gardner Tyson Gassed
John Robert Tyson
John Cumstey Unsworth
Richard Walmsley
James Watson
John Harrison Watson
Alec Wildman
Percy Wildman
Samuel Wildman
Sydney Wildman
Thomas Wildman
Erving Wilkinson
James Collin Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson
William Wilkinson Sick
John Edmund Wills
Walter Edward Wilson
William Wilson
John Wood
Thomas Wood
James Woodhouse
Richard James Woodhouse
William Wright Wounded

John Harold Wrightson

An introductory analysis of the list can be found here.


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